24/7 Sales Service: We greatly value your time and thus emphasize on the cact of answering you on time. Our staffs are eager to help you out at any time of the day, and will answer you within 10 hours of your inquiry.

Specialist Sales Personnel for Different Countries:  The concept of international sales covers the fact of the language barrier between a customer & a supplier. With great consideration this fact, our sales team is made up of over 12 sales personnel, each from a different country, able to deal with customers from their respective regions.

Quality Control:  The most important issue of customers when buying auto parts is the quality. We have a quality control team, made up of members each specializing in a different kind of product, thus giving you the best quality products that you desire.

On-Time Delivery: Like we said at the first point, we value your time. Which is why we sign our business deals with affixed deadline for finishing the production, and within this fixed time, we deliver the products to the customers, desired location.

Commitment & Dedication to our Customers: We care for all our customers. We don’t just end things once the deal is completed, for every time a customer makes a deal with us, He/She essentially becomes a member of the A/C auto parts family. Each business deal is a founding pillar of a long lasting bond of friendship between you and us.