SHENYANG ASIA COLLECTION AUTO PARTS CO. LTD. is an international business enterprise dedicating itself to providing the best quality auto parts for your vehicles within the most reasonable of prices. Our products include but not limited to: Engine Components, Turbocharger Cores, Shaft Assemblies, Repair Kits, Filter Parts, Fuel System Components, Brakes and Brake parts, Vehicle Lighting and Electronics, Wheels &Tires, Radiator components, Internal and External Fittings of all sorts, Emergency Equipment and so on. We deliver our products to the international auto parts market only after they have passed through extensive Quality Control procedures and meets every global standard requirements. However, it’s not just simply the quality of our products that puts us amongst the top choices for a supplier of auto parts, it’s our service and care that we provide for our clients, because when we develop a business deal with our customer, we form a bond of friendship, mutual trust and co-operation. This bond is made in such a way that not only will both sides benefit from the deal, but also after the completion of the deal, we can maintain that same, beautiful business relation we made for a very long time. SHENYANG ASIA COLLECTION AUTO PARTS CO. LTD. isn’t merely a supplier company that provides the market with auto parts, it’s also a meeting place for different people from different countries, a second destination for the international auto market.